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Who We Are


As a global collective, we re-imagine folklore and history through experimental theatre, illuminating liminal spaces between perceptible and unseen worlds, and weaving diverse cultural narratives into a shared human tapestry.



We will achieve artistic, social, and economic freedom in a shared creative space by developing inclusive performances that push boundaries and empower new perspectives. Our core components are bold imagination, resonant emotional impact, excellence in execution, and economic accessibility. We are grounded in a spirit of inclusive collaboration and exploration with playful creativity, inspired innovation, and developmental opportunities for new artists of the theatre.



We strive to create an inclusive space where people of all backgrounds, ages, physical abilities, and self-identities feel welcomed. We aim to represent and give voice to historically marginalized groups and untold stories. Our performances are accessible, embracing diversity in ethnicity, culture, economic status, physical capability, self-identity, and more. We actively foster understanding across the human spectrum by welcoming emerging voices and new perspectives through the unifying power of theatre.

Our purpose is to engage hearts and minds, connecting humanity through the radical universality of imaginative audio and live performance, fostering equity and dignity for artists by our example as a company. We believe theatre can be a force for positive change when shaped by the richness of many voices.

Become a Founding Luminary!
We have 5 suggested annual patron tiers so you can help light our way forward!
Each tier carries wonderful gifts of gratitude for your generous support. 
Donations are currently not tax-deductible.
  • Tier 1: The Wishing Star - $10 per month will receive one download of the Luminos Liminos tale of your choice.
  • Tier 2: The Story Weaver - $25 per month will receive two Luminos Liminos Tales downloads of your choice and access to a 30-minute Zoom call with the director.
  • Tier 3: The Fairy's Ear - $50 per month, $500 one-time, or $125 quarterly will receive three Luminos Liminos Tales downloads and access to a 30-minute Zoom call with the director.
  • Tier 4: The Bard's Quill - for donors who give $1000 one-time, or $250 quarterly. You will receive four Luminos Liminos Tales downloads, and access to a 30+ minute Zoom call with the director. 
  • Tier 5: The Genie Unleashed - $2700 one-time (the production cost of one 30-minute tale), or $675 quarterly or more will receive all five Luminos Liminos Tales, access to a 30-minute Zoom call with the director, PLUS your choice of a bonus coupon for a future full-length Liminos audio play, or a 30-minute audio play of a story of your choosing which we will adapt and produce as part of our library! 

Please note:

Luminos Liminos Tales are now available for purchase at cost! Each piece requires months of research, writing, composing, casting voice talent from all over the world, rehearsing, creating sound effects, recording, re-recording, refining, editing, and mastering.  Each artisanally-crafted story is a labor of love. We sincerely hope you will feel that with each piece. Thank you again for your support. 

As a free preview of our work, listen below to Part 1 of The Little Mermaid! Below that, you can hear 30-second audio samples of each piece currently in our library. To experience Part 2 of The Little Mermaid, and for exclusive access to the other tales, and perks, please support our theatre by becoming a monthly LUMINARY. You may also purchase a digital download of each FULL track at cost for $10US.

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We are committed to reflecting the heart of our global community that values and promotes freedom, honors diversity, and nurtures the creative spirit that permeates all beings.   

Henry-Cameron Allen, Director


The grace of folktales is to mix insight into earthiness until the thick material world becomes transparent.
Peter Oswald, playwright


Luminos Liminos Tales is a series currently in development in which we adapt folk and fairy tales from around the world into short audio plays, reflecting the timeless, universal wisdom and magic all around us. Our Luminos Liminos Tales series will be ongoing. It is an act of preservation, as so many of these ancient stories are dying globally with those that carry them. It is also an act of inspiration, awakening in modern children of all ages the grace, brightness and depth of the invisible worlds around us that speak to humans through folk culture and art.

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Folklore LLC. EIN: 83-3525477

Folklore LLC is committed to respecting and welcoming all people. We most emphatically reject discrimination on any basis and actively work towards mutual understanding and positive engagement;  with true interest in the uniqueness of every individual.  

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