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I am available for individual or couples counseling, Life Skills counseling/mentorship, officiating weddings, end-of life ceremonies, baby-namings, invocations, or for whatever guidance you may need. I am happy to work within your budget. ALL AGES.

Sessions are discreet, private and conducted online.

Geography is no obstacle.

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"I searched for God with heart-throbs of despair,

'Neath ocean's bed, above the vaulted sky;

At last I searched myself-my inmost I,

And found Him there."


In a nutshell, for me, Spiritual Humanism means seeing and serving God in Humanity, in our Divine reflection, through the lens of ethics and of reason. My church is Nature Herself, and my personal concept of God can not be confined to one book, one building, one gender, one dogma, or any single belief system. This does not mean I judge yours. Just the opposite, in fact.

Having lived and worked around the world,

and as a Global Presence Ambassador, I have learned to explore and respect all spiritual journreys.

I believe that there is a common thread that runs through all of us, no matter what religion we follow, if any... We are, each of us, so precious, fragile and tiny... part of nature, part of this vast universe, all made of star stuff - with a little something extra thrown in to make you uniquely YOU! 


In this media-driven age of ours, there is still so very much we don't know. This is why I sought to become ordained as a Spiritual Humanist Minister. Being able to mentor, counsel and officiate is a gift and a privilege. 

The Ikigai concept is a helpful tool I use to guide others toward fulfilling their own unique potential. Together we will develop personalized tools and techniques to get you through the woods and onto your unique path forward wit passion, belonging and purpose. We'll find your Ikigai... your valuable and unique life's signature. 

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What is IKIGAI?

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". The word refers to having a direction or purpose in life, that which makes one's life worthwhile, and towards which an individual takes spontaneous and willing actions giving them satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.