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​Henry, you are a life saver! When I met you it was like you were throwing me a lifeline. I’ll never forget that! I’m on the road, I’m never going to get over this, I never want to get over this! You taught me to embrace grief and trust the process.

Jody Jakob, Director at Osteopatia Saude Integral, Portugal

Henry is simply the best. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. This is so important in my opinion. Do you want to work with someone who just talks about doing the work or who has actually done it themselves? Henry has been there, done that. If you need a coach, mentor, officiant, or support of any kind I highly recommend his services. Inspiring!

Sonsa Rae, Writer/Editor, Graphic Designer, Artisan, Activist

​“Henry is an amazing, caring, compassionate and articulate man. I have been inspired by his devotion, not only to his late son, Cameron, who has also inspired me in many ways but Henry's determination to aid other families dealing with the serious and often lonely crisis of critical illness.

Patricia McKenzie
Owner, Fairness Awareness Foundation



"I had the most amazing week learning from one of the most heart-centered, loving, trusting, and 'present' souls I've ever had the fortune of working with. Henry-Cameron Allen is such a gift - to children, and to the community as a whole."

Keri Ellis Cahill

Founder, Rebel Shakespeare Company

"The ripple effect Henry creates, everywhere he is, and wherever he will go, is profoundly deep. Water is fluid. It's Movement. Henry flows and it's glorious."

Jessica Brand Alves

Entrepreneur, A Taste For Living

​“Henry is a great artist. He draws out the best in people in song, in word and any other way possible. He is trustworthy and a good friend.

Alfred Bertke, Health Coach

“Henry has a profound respect for the stories of people and communities that have not been told or heard. His ability to find

and share those stories is nothing short of brilliant.”

Bonnie Hurd Smith, Writer

Founder, Judith Sargent Murray Society

I first discovered more about Henry and the experiences that created who he is now in a documentary on Henry's service dog Flat Stanley and the part he has played in his life, among other things. This touching film was not only beautifully delivered by the filmmaker, seen in its direction and photography, but is incredibly powerful because of the depth, the honesty, and the realness we get to experience from Henry. I could see that Henry and I had similar life experiences, and after witnessing how he dealt with and developed as a result of some of life's greatest hardships, such as losing his 13-year-old son and overcoming cancer, I knew I wanted to work with and learn from Henry. Henry is one of the most well-rounded people I have held conversations with. And although he has a broad educational, professional & cultural background, it is the intelligence of consciously growing from his experiences and merging inherent and acquired characteristics not limited to authenticity, integrity, and a humaneness that sets invaluable examples to those that are invested in growing all-around. I sought Henry, as with many, to further elevate my spirituality, and heal emotionally. But…throughout many of Henry’s guiding sessions, I have been able to observe the quality of life Henry has carved out for himself. How his wisdom cannot not be used for the betterment of his days—on this physical planet. And while on my so-called spiritual journey of many years...I overlooked the crucial basic understanding that matter matters: Henry has embodied this for me to see. I can now grasp that there is no spirituality, or making meaning of this life, if my body is not healthy, if my mind is not at peace, if my home is not tended to, if my relationships are not nourishing and supportive of my growth, and if the work I do does not reflect what I value. I am a bigger and better person because of this most glorious understanding! And I am grateful to be able to fall back on Henry’s example any time.

Fernanda Valle, Writer, Photographer, Caregiver