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There are times in life, without rhyme or reason, that you are drawn to certain people as if you have known them your whole life. Where warmth and compassion and acceptance pour from their being as naturally as an exhaled breath. When I am with Henry-Cameron Allen, I feel the comfort and freedom of openness without judgment.

Gardner S. Trask II

Chair - Danvers Select Board at Town of Danvers, MA

Henry was so incredibly helpful when I was trying to figure out how to get my pet therapy dog Bella certified as my service dog. Due to his guidance, the process went extremely smoothly and she has been with me 24/7 ever since. I will forever be grateful to Henry for his help in this critical endeavor. I just didn’t know the laws and guidelines and he made everything so clear.

Alice Williams


​Henry, you are a life saver! When I met you it was like you were throwing me a lifeline. I’ll never forget that! I’m on the road, I’m never going to get over this, I never want to get over this!

You taught me to embrace grief and trust the process.

Jody Jakob

Director at Osteopatia Saude Integral, Portugal

Henry is simply the best. He doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. This is so important in my opinion. Do you want to work with someone who just talks about doing the work or who has actually done it themselves? Henry has been there, done that. If you need a coach, mentor, officiant, or support of any kind I highly recommend his services. Inspiring!

Sonsa Rae 

Writer/Editor, Graphic Designer, Artisan, Activist

​“Henry is an amazing, caring, compassionate and articulate man. I have been inspired by his devotion, not only to his late son, Cameron, who has also inspired me in many ways but Henry's determination to aid other families dealing with the serious and often lonely crisis of critical illness.”

Patricia McKenzie
Owner, Fairness Awareness Foundation

"The ripple effect Henry creates, everywhere he is, and wherever he will go, is profoundly deep. Water is fluid. It's Movement. Henry flows and it's glorious."

Jessica Brand Alves

Entrepreneur, A Taste For Living

​“Henry is a great artist. He draws out the best in people in song, in word and any other way possible. He is trustworthy and a good friend."

Alfred Bertke 

Health Coach

“Henry has a profound respect for the stories of people and communities that have not been told or heard. His ability to find

and share those stories is nothing short of brilliant.”

Bonnie Hurd Smith, Writer

Founder, Judith Sargent Murray Society

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